picture of play

Saturday mornings,
at first.
Later on,
switched to Sundays.

For over a decade
a field hockey goalie I was.
Behind the mask,
which gave some safety.
The position vulnerable.
The last one to pass.
Responsability always felt.

Overlooking the play.
Seeing the structure.
Loved it.

A goalie,
or keeper in Dutch.
They see the picture of play
from another point of view.

As a picture in a book
adds a different layer
to the story to tell.
It leverages the feeling of the story,
Where words are not necessary.

The realness.
The perfect moment captured.
It evokes emotions,
It touches me most.

is an art of observation.
It’s about finding something
interesting in an ordinary place…
It has little to do with
the things you see
and everything to do
with the way you see them.
_ Elliot Erwitt

Frozen moments of time.
It’s the artform I love best.
Books like Keepers a must have.

Saturday mornings.
Early autumn.
Morning dew slightly around.
Disappearing soon,
the sun soon warming all up.
Mask on.
Legguards checked.
Gloves last.

They see the whole picture.
It’s needed to bake a book.