my lucky box

For 24 days I struggled
to write about my lucky box.
And just write about
how beautiful this box is,
the colourful print,
the type,
that it is a tin,
not sure if that would have been
a fun story.

24 stories I wrote
on what makes me.
A maker.
A thinker.
Life storms made me resilient.
The right people at the right time.
Learning a lot by
stepping outside my industry.
Deep loss turned into wisdom.
Creative thinking my core.
‘What if’ my question.
Grateful for what is.
Possiblities everywhere.
I light up when water is near.
Good films make life better.
Great conversations the best.
Design is like poetry,
the essence.

The writing filled my lucky box.
My roots.
Forgotten memories.
Fragments of books.
The knowledge gained.
Wisdom from all
your comments.
The gift you’re here,
is also in.

24 days
A challenge I set myself.
Quite a few times
there was a
‘why did you think this was a good idea’
As with the 100 days
continue doing is the only way
to get through and finish.
In finishing lies power.

A veil is lifted.
Kindness and beauty has its place.
I know now.

I forgot,
Fun so key,
it’s in the box too.

Funny thing,
my lucky box
hasn’t got lucky printed on it.
It’s a box for play.

I found a new play I like,
with words.
Me and my little box are ready
for new destinations.
Taking some dreams to explore along.

Stay far from the timid
Only move when your heart is in it
And live the phrase
The sky is the limit
_ The Notorious B.I.G.