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more poetry needed


By more poetry needed, spice of life

Hair blowing in the wind.
Cycling down from a bridge.
A hopping shopping bag.
A colored flag,
A raincoat that is too big.
The clattering mailbox,
probably good news.
A waving ponytail.
Screaming seagulls.
A fragment of piano,
through an open garden door.
A siren,
somewhere in the distance.

No calendar.
No plan for the day.
See unexpected things.
Small things.
Forgotten memories.
A sweet idea on the go.
A wonderful initiative,
a glimpse of the ideal world.
Exchanging thoughts that differ.
Exploring boundaries.
Dare to do something that seemed impossible at first.
A new brush.
A white sheet of paper.

fifteen words

By more poetry needed

I am poetry lover.
Been that as long as I can remember
Small bits of texts from songs,
that’s how it started.
I guess.
Words put beautifully together
In a different rhythm.
Making you think,
or wonder.
Like these 5 sentences.

Swim in the sea
Go on roadtrips
Count the stars
Find true love
Be Free

A few years ago I had an exhibition
Quite cool, I know.
And uncommon territory.
So I said yes.
These 5 sentences where my starting point.
The artworks became very introverted pieces.
Maybe even a bit dark.
I called it Courage.
Totally reflecting my personal story at that time.

I locked the artworks away.
but hidden.
These 5 sentences,
are always around.

Do you know that feeling when something
you’ve kept for a long time can
be like new again.
Like seeing it again for the first time.

These 5 sentences,
these 15 words,
did that to me today.

The words suddenly had no darkness around them.
No longer an introverted journey.
But words that feel like summer,
a trip to new places.
Words of brave new stories.


By more poetry needed

Hi, welcome in my space, my world. Thought this poem suits this first step really well. A diary of a journey along my work; my thinking; my heroes – with their inspiration and wisdom; found footage – from the web and my memory box; some musings and a lot of joie de vivre. Have fun here!

little things

By more poetry needed

Beautiful, old, wooden grandstands
are entered through a little narrow staircase.
The trees rage right beside you.
You look upward. If they are smart
they choose downwind, after the toss.

by Nico Dijkshoorn from ‘Kleine Dingen’ (Little Things)


By more poetry needed

Plant a tree,
that’s enough.
Hang it with all your good memories
as lights
for when you are scared
in the dark.
From the book ‘Ga niet naar zee’ by Tommy Wieringa.