turn down the lights

Three stories high.
Countless high windows on each side
of the double, heavy, darkgreen door
in the middle.

tiles and wooden paneling,
stone floors,
greyish white with a black border.
Worn stone steps.
Gracefully curled metal stair railing.
Corridors left and right.
Some chairs to wait.
Behind the first door on the left.
Oral examination,
Dutch literature.

one of my favorite subjects
in secondary school.
Read all the books on the list
and more.
Still nervous.
Halfway doubting the answer.
Read the book.
Seen the movie.
The answer a mix.
The wait.
The result.

High score, way beyond expectation.
The doubtful mixed answer
was loved best.
The film gave me more vivid words
to explain a quite hard topic.
Lost the book later in life.

A film based on a book.
Some flunk.
Not because being a bad movie.
Some are, sure.
imagined differently while reading.
Different art-direction imagined,
or actors.
Different on telling the story,
parts skipped or
highlighted in unexpexted ways.
Your imaginary world looking better.

A film on a book.
There are brilliant ones.
A lot.
Those who exceed the books.
Take you into the story even better.
The tune of Harry Potter,
or the Godfather.
Turn down the lights,
Ready to be transported.

Classics, new, arthouse, blockbuster.
Bring on the stories.