a clean slate

‘It is just cold water’

It is a line that sticks.
One not to forget.
To write down.

In a notebook.
In one of many.
first pages described only.

A notebook
everytime a new one so tempting.
They’re cute,
a clean slate
to collect new ideas and thoughts.
Until life goes on.
The book slides to the edge,
on a pile,
disappearing into a closet.
Out of sight.

‘It’s just cold water’
Four ladies on a bench.
One of them talking
on swimming in cold water.

I’m not a cold water swimmer.
Actually, not a huge fan of cold.
Although cold showers work.
Winter, mwah.
Yet, this documentary
‘The Ponds –
Still waters run deep’,
I can watch over and over again.
It makes me even doubt
on trying this cold swimming.

The stories,
the scenery,
The rythm,
the seasons,
the calmness,
feeling the goodness of the water,
in this documentary
I want to hold them.
Cherish them,
revisit them,
on display,
on my special books table.

It is wishlisted.