why strategic story telling

show your essence and impact

infuse authenticity, emotion, and purpose into your brand story

a cohesive narrative that resonates on a deeper level

inspire, motivate and move your audience to action

how does it work

inside out, upside down

from another point of view

power of visualization

a fresh perspective

what is the win

clear and memorable

heart felt


build lasting relationships with your customers


brand story development | a compelling brand narrative that sets you apart from the competition and resonates with your audience

visual identity | cohesive visuals that complement your brand story and enhance your brand experience

brand messaging | clear concise messaging that communicates your brand’s value proposition and resonates with your target audience

For over 30 years I'm lucky and privileged to be working with purpose value driven change leaders. Vary-ing from cultural, education, sports, change startups to (semi) government. All connected through strong value driven stories.

Work(ed) with | kro youth television | herman van veen | universal music | sesame street | heliomare special education | holland animation film festival | ministry of vrom | princess irene van lippe-biesterfeld | beweging van barmhartigheid | handicap.nl | waternet | chris kutarna | iain thackrah | errol gerson | futurenow |  nature and culture park vijversburg | natuurcollege

ways to work with me

the whole thing | from your idea to a ready standout solution

the medium size | the visual concept for the design

a light version | picking my brain for a couple of hours

some possibilities to inspire

brand story development | brand books | reflect innovation and uniqueness | year books | showing impact, initiatives and forward-thinking | highlight annual | future vision | almanac | short and sweet key information | brand anthology | stories embodying essence and values | insights journal | reflective and insightful | visual identity | online magazine

interested in how your story can soar in the world?