all in

I was named not to be curious.
Sure, I didn’t always ask a lot.

Curious on expansion though.
On becoming better.
As my three earlier posts show,
always open for new ways.
Explore perspectives.
Until at one time it all got too much.

Life was extremely busy.
Great clients.
The ongoing deadlines.
They never, ever stopped.
In the meantime
a lovely, energetic toddler
at home.

Change was needed.
By having support at the homefront.
That’s what I did.
I stopped.
Just like that.

What next,
on the work front,
no clue at that time.
I closed down.

There were a zillion of practical reasons
to pull the plug at that time.
Now I know,
having too little fun played a part.
Nor was I making myself really proud.
Sure, ‘all in’ all the time,
delivering the best possible quality.
“Where was the girl who’s posters
once were ripped from the city?”

I had lost a part bravery.
I had drifted from me.
Curiosity had left the building.