good stories make your life better

Where it hurts most, go.
Change is hiding there.
_ Roman Eggenberger

I once visited Berlin,
when the wall was still standing.
Never wanted to go back.

The name of the city,
that word kept attracting me.
Six letters.
One of the best movies I saw
‘Der Himmel über Berlin’
situated there.
Wanted to see Herman van Veen
perform there,
at least once.

Somehow, someday we did.
The wall was down.
Biking through the open city.
The spaciousness,
oozing of creativity
down to earth mentality.
It is felt.

It’s like the grown-up version
of the little girl I once was.
The airness and fairness
feels alike.

When we change ourselves,
our business gets better.
As I learned from Iain Thackrah
and Errol Gerson
A harsh thruth.

Tell your story.
Start with who you are.
Where did it hurt?
Where was the sun?

In my business,
to me this is the start of
visual communication
that fits you.
Connecting the dots
to the core of your message.
I know sometimes the questions
I ask are confronting.

Change hurts,
at the beginning.

Revisited Berlin
another time and another,
accompagnied by Mareike Naumann
Berlin, the place she’s from.
A deeper layer of the city discovered.

I have a dream there now.

I can imagine anything.
Everything’s possible.
I only have to lift my eyes and
once again I become the world.
Now, on this very spot,
a feeling of happiness that
I could keep forever.
_ Marion, Himmel über Berlin

Did I say
good stories and films
do make your life better?