all is possible

It started with one book.

His striking bright blue eyes.
The voice I’ve heard on the radio,
ever since I was a young.

A firm handshake.

It was the start of more books to come. Numerous album covers. Adds. Folders. Hats. Jackets. A watch. A mug. T- shirts. A chocolate coin – so cool. An exhibition. A tour truck and several theater tour posters. Distributed in Germany. France. America. The Netherlands. Theaters. Visits at the record company. Television studio’s. Music studio. Press releases. Film rehearsals. Premières.

Being in a theater during rehearsal,
pure magic,
like whispers.
He sings the most beautiful songs.
Playing the violin.
Surrounded by great musicians.
Poetry and a gypsy feel in one.

By translating the feel of the show
into a book,
I’ve learned on language.
On rhythm in words.
Telling a story.

I’ve learned on making mistakes.
Working under pressure.
Having presentations in a group.
It was terrifying at times.
The print-runs had big numbers.
Deadlines tight.
Prints hanging in the printshop,
Picking up first copies
a couple of hours before
the show started.
“Pfjieuw, right on time.”

Herman van Veen is a Dutch theater legend,
entertainer, musician, singer, painter
and an activist for rights of the child.
He gave me a chance of a lifetime.
We have been working together
irregularly for over thirty years now.

He showed me like no other,
all is possible.
You can do way more than
you think you can.
he’s the living example why
we need art, music and poetry.

Think big.
Work hard.
He always does.
Still all in.
His pace is fast.
He built and builds his vision.
doing is a super power.

“What if, the tourposter was in between those pillars?”
I asked.