home away from home

The industriousness.
The realness.
The sense of adventure.

When biking
or driving along
a harbour
my heart sings louder.

In case all would fail,
becoming a sailor or truckdriver
was a second best option.

My cousin was a sailor.
Travelling the seas.
My uncle a truckdriver.
Travelling the world.

The small city I lived in
became Amsterdam.
Biking through the city.
absorbing new.
Drawing lessons in the zoo.
Gape in the paper shop.
Test the differences.
with pen,
paint, ink and ecoline.
Photographing a series of taxi drivers.
Out of my comfortzone,
big time.
Explore screenprinting,
spray paint,
lead typesetting letters,
making first books.

At that time
my dad worked at
a small shipyard museum
in Amsterdam.
Visited him regularly.
All the new sometimes
A bit of home away from home.

I didn’t need my plan B.

everytime travelling along a harbour
my heart lights up.