different fuel

It was a daring, fun presentation
of a concept.

As an extra add-on to winning
the best film- and television leader award,
at the Holland Animation Film Festival,
there was the invitation to make
the next editions leader.

Presentation day.
The concept ready.
The main character clear.
The technique; stop motion animation.
Five short stories.
The music scores kind of lined-up.
Yet, no storyboard.
I had run out of time.

I talked about the concept.
The technique.
The music.
The character.
I was thinking on my feet
and performed live the storyboard.
Still can hear the director laugh.
He was sold instantly.

The character stayed with me ever since.

It was an out of my comfort zone thing to do.
Both the presentation as the stop-motion animation.
A different kind of fuel.

What’s your fuel that fires you differently?