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Akkie Bosje

into the real

By ideas are everywhere

Great concept this ‘Geolocation’ project by Nate Larson and Marni Schindelman. By using GPS data they’ve tracked the location of tweets and added a visual layer. The tweets were subjectivly chosen. Where Nate Larson favored privacy, political events or national news, Marni Schindelman favored the more dramatic and romantic tweets. Their GPS data radius was narrowed down to 15 feet so the perspective and point of view in the pictures was their decision. Cool to see this real-world they’ve created for virtual information. Really like this adding-up kind of visual-storytelling and putting sustainabilty to the fleeting medium of tweets.

via fastcompany

soft whispers

By makes me smile

In this contemplative end-of-year mood these serene, soft pictures of the ‘Full Moon Story’ by Kim Kyoungsoo is the spot-on visualisation. Asked by Vogue Korea he realized a series of portraits that re-actualizes the traditional Korean ‘Hanbok’. Which many Korean people are wearing during the National traditional festivities ‘Chuseok’. With these asthonising pictures with their poetic almost surreal touch to it i’m taking a breath for a few days longer. And then on to 2013, which is almost crawling in like those kittens; young, fresh and playful. Can’t wait.

via the Design Ark


By a keen eye

Perfect timing of these go-ginger-go-girls. That modern-vintage, clean touch of Emilie Vercruysse photography is just hitting all the right buttons for me. What a plus to capture a summerglow together with a crisp winter hominess.

Picture by courtesy of Emilie Vercruysse.

hitting gold

By love a true story

Striking picture from the downtownfrombehind series. DFB is a photographic series capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on some 200+ streets, avenues and lanes below 14th street in New York City. The series gives the feel and vibe of this part of the city, an environmental portrait.


lighten up

By makes me smile

Just astonishing these gif’s by rrrrrrrrr_gif; a group of gif-makers from Japan. They make and share a new gif every week and are creating a beautiful surreal collection. A hypnotizing pelican light, that’s just what a girl needs in these short, dark ‘end-of-year’ days.

via Thefoxisblack

small blessing

By makes me smile

Just delicate this handkerchief from the ‘unfamiliar handkerchief’ series designed by Frieda Mellema of LAB 71. Her designs are more original creations, no slick design rather objects of art. She truly succeeds in creating the dreamy naive world that inspires and makes you happy. It certainly does that to me. Bless you!

jump in puddles

By ideas are everywhere

Always making me ‘jump in puddles’ kind of happy; the Kinfolk magazine. Love their natural approach towards entertaining: simple, uncomplicated and less conceived. As stated in their manifesto: Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. Kinfolk is the marriage of appreciation for art and design and love for spending time with family and friends.

Pictures by Laura D’Art, Michael Graydon, Young & Hungry.

clever love

By ideas are everywhere

Nice sense of humor on these ‘Thinker Stools’. Selected Wisdom quotes by Robin Howie on the Tom Dixon‘s designed stools for London’s ‘Food for Thought’ café. Part of the New Windows on Willesden Green project. A collabaration between designers and local shops to help revive the area. Like these kind of sustainable initiatives.

via Creative Review

back to basic

By love a true story

Since I love craftmanship for forever and believe it will stay as
an important value for the future. I’m impressed by the Makers and Brothers project. It is such an honour to true craftmanship.
The two Irish founders Jonathan and Mark Legge define craft as a process, a production by hand or machine. As part of the exhibiton ‘A Place To Gather’ the Crafts Council of Ireland and Jonathan commissioned a short little film. The film is a poetic glimpse into Ireland, it’s makers, landscape and weather.

Pictures by Jamie and Keith

sleeping beauty

By ideas are everywhere

The wintercampaign photography of the danish brand Luckyboysunday is delicately soft with an industrial touch. Perfectly suiting their fun collection and don’t they just have the best companyname?

A sweet dreamy girl from the ‘now and then‘ collection at Papier Mache; The prettiest online childrens magazine. These pics surely lighten up my dark season, since I rather crawl in hibernation.