I don’t like my picture taken.
Rather not.
This one is special.

Secondary school.
Late seventies,
early eighties.
I was a liked teenager.
Always reading
and day dreaming.
My favourite spot in the schoolbuilding
was the view,
during German class,
into the garden next door.
A tree,
a shed,
laundry outside,
was the ideal scenery
to let my mind drift
and dream
on dreams to come.

It took a while
to get adjusted to
these new surroundings.
After the move my family did
to this other part of the country.
From speaking an hour of Dutch a day,
it became my fulltime language.
Leaving the boats behind.
A little dream lost
on becoming a sail instructor.

An old small city became our new home.
The canal and small lakes
were replaced by the city
with a harbour
at the largest lake.
Thankfully the water was still around.

The new school.
Loads of room for creative classes.
Cool cultural activities.
All new to me.
And boy,
did I liked it.
It got me hooked for life.

After school,
being a field hockey keeper,
Five times a week,
on those fields.
As all my friends did.

The optimistic,
free thinking,
hands-on atmosphere
and mentality

One of the reasons why,
oké to a certain extent,
I like new beginnings
is because this huge change
turned out beyond imagination.

On the last day of a school year,
this picture was taken.
No idea why we got dressed-up.
Teenagers are fun.