at the kitchen table

I drew on everything.
also on the kitchen table.

We even had a dedicated
part of the wall to draw on.
Since I was four I knew
this is what I wanted to do
for ever and always.

Growing up.
Dreams got a bit bigger.
Working for television,
that would be awesome.

Playing hide and seek,
climbing trees,
biking without hands
on the handlebars.
Always some daily drawing inbetween.

Lessons in drawing at secondary school.
My drawing box,
my treasure.
As was my real art map,
to keep my drawings safe.
My wall filled with cut-out dreams.

An in between study.
Drawing and textiles.
One year.
The only thing I liked,
the windows with a stunning view.

Took on brave shoes.
Applied to art school.
Got selected for
the graphic design department.
No clue at that time
what that was about.
But I was in!

Drawing was back.
It became kind of my style.
The illustration and
audiovisual department,
something there,
I liked to explore.
The teachers didn’t approve.
I graduated with a small movie
and a handmade,
daily journal filled with drawings.

After a blitz start of my career.

I was asked for a series of illustrations
for the Dutch Sesamestreet.
Which later were published as books.

An ever bigger project landed.
A series of 120 animated bumpers,
for a Dutch broadcasting company.
That were awarded with
an international animation award.

After that.

After that award,
besides a few smaller projects,
and a short moment in time
wantig to proceed illustration big time.
I stopped.

Despite pushing.
all the compliments,
the successes.

I stopped drawing.

Now I know.
As connection,
relationships light my fire.
I’m not cut out to be an illustrator.
Those teachers were right.
They knew.

It is lurking a bit around the corner,
these days.
Great memories on the feeling,
at the kitchen table.
It might fit Chasing Sunsets well.

there something to ponder on.
The story can’t stop at stopping.