It was raining,
a bit.
I’ve should have been on the trainingfield.
But skipped.
And felt not a bit of guilt,
at all.

Then there was this text.
Are you free for work?
I was.

Out of the blue,
a dreamcometrue-project landed on my doorstep.
London was calling.
Wanted that like forever.

There was this immediate connection.
Immediate trust.
An amazing journey with Chris started.
Now there is a website.

‘If we each hold on to this newfound wisdom,
then as community we will become much stronger and more
resilient to the next shock that none of us will see coming.
We won’t be nicer.
But me might be wider.‘
_ Chris Kutarna

A global place where better conversations start.
Where a new map towards where we’re going is redrawn.
To affect meaningful, positive change.
So needed.
Into the unknown.
To say what we’re missing.
To hear what you’re missing

To get connected at our truest level.
There’s the magic.


There is this idea
of collecting
all that is happening around us.
Keep track of this crazy year,
this disrupting year.

Yet still there is beauty,
and happiness,
and music.
Beautiful stories.
I start collecting,
this year.

I don’t know which road it will take me,
but there will be interesting stuff.
Uncertainty, confusion
and happiness.

We can’t go back to normal.
Normal never was.
We need change.
Let’s go back to better.

We will not go back to normal.
Normal never was.
Our pre-corona existence was not normal
other than we normalised
greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion,
extraction, disconnection, confusion,
rage, hoarding, hate and lack.
We should not long to return, my friends.
We are being given the opportunity to stich a new garment.
one that fits all of humanity and nature.
_ Sonya Renee Taylor / over grow the system

I’ll keep track.
Of mavericks and makers.
Those who don’t know
but start building towards change.
Those who believe that their dreams can
and will make a difference.

Dare not to know,
a way of progressive insight.
A journey towards better.


So far 2020 has been quite a year of change and challenges. This global crisis has turned everything upside down and accelerated what needed to be changed a long time ago. It forced to rethink irresponsible practices en irrational growths. This now appearing appreceating of a society that values attention, care and education had my heart a long time ago.

Might be what made me a bit different all along. Besides being Frisian. Being raised between clean water and a lot of fresh air (and wind) is a deeply rooted gift. It’s airiness and fairness waves throughout my designs and thinking. And since there is a little crack of a re-opening world, let’s do some exploring for a bit of air and some light.






Are you looking to the future through different glasses? Although sad for the losses, personal and business wise, this is the opportunity to build a better world, a fairer one. By making better choices which reflect common good and support a society that honours education, healthcare, sports and culture. Are you investing in what you believe in? Stay safe en sound out there.