a new world

‘Hey, girlfriend’

At a Thursday evening
our friendship started.
A laugh for a minute.
Immediate trust.

I entered a new world.
My son is an athlete by nature.
Into extreme sports since young.
No fear.
There he was at five years old,
asking the big teenage boys
about their snowboards.
Sports balanced school.
Which wasn’t his happy place.

I understood he loved it.
Didn’t wanted to be a scarefull mom.
I started to take ski-lessons.
we have artificial hills.
Scared as **
Still I proceeded.

‘Hey girlfriend’,
that’s how we met.
He a ski-instructor.
He became my teacher and friend.
Slowly I dared to go down
with some speed.

And what’s not to love
about the real thing.
The crisp air.
The white snow,
blue skies.

The racing team needed a logo
It was small,
no stress.
He noticed.

‘Can you help me?’
It was an easy print thing.
A small secondary school
snowcamp guide.

I helped.
Made it nice,
not standing out too much though.
Hiding me and my skills
had become a super power,
at that time.

However isn’t the saying
‘Blood is thicker than water’ on family.
This one goes for my creativity too.
The font I chose was special.
From time to time he still brings it up.

Times we’re changing.
It felt like the days of print were over.
We started talking about a website.
Like I said
‘… running thicker than water’
A new possiblity,
a little flame still burning inside.
Yes, a website way cooler.
A topic I liked,
a great way to explore this new media.

The possiblities of the web
progressed rapidly.
I kept exploring
and over some years
I build a second version
and even a third one.
more learnings in each step.

The style now is cool,
yet safe enough to not scare parents.
The main colour is black.
not white.
Black, it fits.
To make it bolder,
the first line is how one feels
after the camp.

He believed at first sight.
Slowly I found some confidence back.
The website emerged into
email marketing next.

Oh boy, did I liked that one.

I even started running.
Sport was back into my life.
Things we’re looking up.