do what you can with what you have

Do what you can
with what you have.
Nothing more is needed.
_ Rick Rubin

The date of the conference
proceeded fastly.
The floor space was rented.

Now how to tell the story of the
new government’s environmental plan?

N / it is national and international
M / certainly not just the environment
P / and it is not nearly concrete
enough to be called a plan.
But that 4 is correct. *

The idea to present it like it was
at that moment got embraced.

Building materials.
The story on rough wood panels.
With look-trough holes.
A wheelbarrel.
A huge table.
Lot’s of chairs.
The hosts in white coveralls.

It was crisp.
Above all,
it connected.
Great conversations
happened at the table.

Starting with ‘what is’
always best.
Mostly it turns out way better
than ever imagined.