Soft words.
The essence in words
that give comfort.

When life is though
that’s what we need.

I do not know.

I miss you
like I don’t know

There’s no
comparison for
the missing I

I could
like death
misses life
but I don’t know

I don’t know if
_ Herman van Veen

The cover is pale green linnen.
The poems on half see through paper.
With a gentle touch to it.
A slight tone of green in the photo’s.
A classic font.
On the back cover
the title is not seen,
but to feel.
The design concept soft, simplicity.

After both his parents died
Herman van Veen
wrote poems and short stories.
Together with a series of photo’s
by Olff Appold it became a book.
It was an honour
to design this precious one.

‘Troost / Consolation’,
a book that gives comfort.