An early,
early morning,
off to Belgium.
Print day.

My first book design,
was about to get printed.
A slight idea
on what to expect
at being there,
at the printing press.
Thankfully someone
expierenced at my side.

A welcome coffee.
A little wait.
Yes, the first prints for check ready.
Entering a huge printshop.

Started to understand why
it was necessary to be there.
Checking colours.
Balancing them throughout
the whole book.
Printcolours can differ on types of paper.

Especially this one.
Various papers in the design.
Matte off-white,
soft silk,
different thickness of the cover
– with a finish on it
and semi-transparant paper.

One part of the book tells
about Alfred, an animated duck.
A feeling like the real stuff
on see-through paper in it.

While the print check
was on one side of the printshop.
On the other side,
drying lines
filled with ducks.
Rows of pages,
as the ink needed to dry.

Little did I know.
What a gift that was.