find what you love

Late nights,
early mornings.
Long days.

Quite a few weeks.
Sometimes months.
Sometimes longer.
The time it takes to bake a book.

From talking on the concept.
The choices to make.
The style.
Getting the words in.
The typography.
Choices of imagery.
The rythm.
Back to the notes.
Is something missing
or wishlisted?
Back and forth.
Getting them all in place.
not seeing the woods from the trees.
Stepping a step back,
a different point of view,
checking the whole.

The last technical bits.
Hitting sent.
It’s off to the printers.
A proof,
you never know,
something might have been missed.
A second proof when needed.
At the press,
colour check.
Waiting for the postman.

smelling good,
to touch.
To read.
To learn.
To be inspired.

Find what you love,
and let it kill you.
_ Charles Bukowski

Well, oké that last line,
I like to push that for a long time.
When in the baking,
I’m in.
All of me.

Late nights,
early mornings.
They come natural to love.