opening the unknown

‘How is your heart,
dear human?’

It’s a question by its Lennnie*.
An adorable mindset account
on instagram.

How is your heart?
A question I want to know too,
if making a book.
Who are you?
What makes your eyes spark?
Your hear beat louder?

It is one of the best things
of making a book
to travel the world alongside
a new story for a while.
Stepping in to shoes unknown.
On to
discovering a yet
unfamiliar way of thinking,
new perspectives.
New worlds opening.
To understand and translate,
the information.
Going deeper into the core,
learning how the heart is ticking.

ideas and thinking.
Outside the rules.
Off the beaten track.
That’s where the adventures are.
The magic.
The best stories.

Being open opens the unknown.
New stories to tell.