human need

How many books do you have?
How many wishlisted?

Books I count by meters.
Films, stopped counting there.

Films on books,
a story for another day.

I’m a junkie
on stories.
On books.
Each and everyone a treasure,
a learning,
sometimes a goodbye.

The first time I heard
‘a book is a great marketing tool’
I was devestated.
A tool.
The story,
the beauty,
the heart
now a tool?
It felt so cold.
And sad.

Books can change thinking.
It can empower a human.
Books can bring comfort,
be a friend in dark times
or a needed laugh.

they have a heart.

never enough.

Books can change the world.
It does happen.

It’s a human need to be told stories.
The more we’re governed by idiots
and have no control over our destinies,
the more we need to tell stories
to each other about who we are,
why we are,
where we come from,
and what might be possible.
_ Alan Rickman