first impression

The excitement of new won,

I forgot something.

The outside of a book.
Front cover.

The first impression.
Attractiveness to the reader
and bookshops.

To sell.
Therefor publishers like a cover first.
Sometimes months upfront
before the launchdate itself.

Does it have to fit the category?
Does it?
I like to look for edges there.
To have a fit
with being remarkable too.
One of the reasons I like artboooks.
Is they often go beyond that.

The cover,
it’s a new canvas to play with.
A new possiblity to let the story shine,
Like a poster.
An add.

A book cover is a distillation.
It’s a haiku of the story.
_ Chipp Kidd

My default mode
likes to design the cover last.
Recently I started the design of a book
with the cover.
A little revolution for myself.