There had been clouds.
Yet, the thunderstorm that broke,
came quite unexpectedly from the sky.

A divorce.
A beyond confusing time.
Amazing, loviest people
helped me from not falling.

Full-time designing was back.
I did all,
I did anything,
I did everything.
Interestingly the dark time
never affected my designs,
they stayed crisp and colourful.

‘Do you like to be part of
a group exhibition?’
It was once wishlisted.
I was already on all levels
out of my comfortzone.
This was an extra step.
Courage the theme I chose.
All of it needed,
so why not start with that.
Four artworks inspired by a poem.

Swim in the sea.
Go on roadtrips.
Count the stars.
Find true love.

Be free.

Talking to the visitors at the expo
was the big silver lining.

My son finished secondary school.
Luck came slowly back at my side.
I found a mentor.
A nice project,
a prestigious client,
landed in my lap.
A re-story of an educational powerpoint for children,
on the Dutch dikes and water.
Plussed by a re-design of the logo.

The project was just finished.
Some more plans on it,
could have happened
if not
Covid had hit the world.

All stopped.

With the world on hold.
With help to process all.
I learned to embrace
the uncertainty,
the loneliness,
I learned to see my strenghts again.
I learned I wasn’t too crazy
nor too strange for this world.
I learned to reframe.

A phonecall
‘Did you see that?
Two for the price of one.
How about entering?’

We signed up.
Without knowing,
what a life changing phonecall that was.