beating louder

A Tuesday.
Can be a special day.

Life was uncertain.
Focus on the unseen future.
I kept going.
One step at the time.

On a Tuesday.
That evening.
I was supposed to be on the trainingfield.
But I skipped.

A text.
‘Are you free for some work?’
I was.
A new client.
London based.

London Calling!
Fan of the Clash at secondary school.
An artschool dream.

was an initiative started
by Chris Kutarna.

A global place where better conversations start. Where a new map towards where we’re going is redrawn. To affect meaningful, positive change. So needed.

Into the unknown.
To say what we’re missing.
To hear what you’re missing
To get connected at our truest level.
There’s the magic.

Conversations beyond
ordering a coffee were needed.
Chris is a big thinker.
And I needed to speak.

There we’re three involved.
A job with a little team.
New perspectives had entered.

I stepped up.

Not only was London Calling.
Also a purpose driven,
change driven subject.
My heart started to beat a bit louder.

A special Tuesday it was.