getting on track

it’s a superpower.

Why I say yes?
A question I was asked this week.
It’s intuition mostly.
Mixed with a pinch of curiosity.

During the dark times,
I said yes to a lot.
Yes, always another step made.
Towards getting life on track again.

There was a gap.
From where I was
to where I wanted to be again.
Every yes, at that time
was closing the gap a bit.

Different times made me do different.
I joined an online community.
One that emerged from
the Keyboard Ceo course.

I was there.
Every week.
On a Friday.
Didn’t speak much.
Listened mostly.
Kind people,
interesting people.

I listened,
I learned.
It’s a gentle space.
I enjoyed the conversations best.
Great stories there.

A thought.

This fount of knowledge
should be out in the world.
So brave, bold shoes I took on.
I reached out to a fellow member.*
Together we created a pitch.
It got embraced within 15 minutes.

The idea got redefined,
connected to the core values
of the community.*
The book designed.
at a real life meetup.

They said yes.
All the contributers.
They all told their beautiful story.

Saying yes,
Makes change.

Saying yes,
it might take you to the end of the world.