Never meet your heroes
they say.

At art school
there wasn’t attention
to the business side of things.

In the beginning
I ran by intuition,
trial and error.
Later I did quite some courses.
The business words,
no connection there.
At all.

I like cool brands.
Brands that stand out.
I stumbled upon
‘Do’ and ‘Hiut’ before.
An online course
that sounded good.
‘How to build a great brand
with very little money’
This time I’ve put the item in the basket.
Entered the course.
These words I did understand.

Words that struck.
this is what I have been doing
all my career.

I left it there.
Time passed.
Pandemic hit.
The phone call by my dear friend
Heleen Rittershaus
We entered the Keyboard-Ceo.
Live on zoom.

A course on writing.
Deep down something I wanted
for a longer time.
And another great title of a course.
A the start,
no clue on what was delivered.
Why start with habits?!
I trust David Hieatt
I trusted the process.

Different fuel coming in.
Fuel that struck home.
It ignited new.

Never meet you’re heroes,
they say.
I’m glad we did.
Much later,
on the farm.
In the far-west.