The shy one.
The one in the back.

Behind the legs of my dad.
Later a field hockey goalie.
Behind a mask.
Seeing all.
Noticing the structure of play.
Like being a designer.
I like to operate there.

Life gives gifts too.
It started to look a bit brighter again.

At first I could hardly belief it happened.
An email.
A get-to-know gathering
with members of the board.
Lovely and special,
as ever.

A re-branding, re-design of a website.
what I love best.
Stripping the content down.
Build it up
with new,
with the future in mind.
Long term thinking.
Hard to beat.

Designing the website was a true bliss.
My thinking was stretched
by the board,
the ambition,
incorporating the big legacy.

Thanks to the thoughtful process,
and the content delivered,
the website opens with a question.
A question that makes you think.
A question for everybody,
not shouty,
The message of the organization is big.

Life gives gifts.
A second time around
being a part of this mission
already a huge gift.
A phone-call by the director.
Another question.
I said yes.
I’m part of the NatureCollege team now.
Like nature,

The NatureCollege is founded by
princess Irene of the Netherlands.
Around twenty years ago
we made three books together.
‘We are nature’ is her mission.
Strengthening the relationship
between humans and nature.
Very close to my being.

Unwavering in her faith she is.
A true inspiration for life, to me.

‘We are nature.’
This is an issue,
I speak up for.
No shyness there.

‘What is your nature?