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By 16 januari 2023april 15th, 2023No Comments

At the end of the avenue
Where a squirrel stands on the chimney
There is that wonderful place that is the heritage of Herman van Veen
A world of image and imagination
Theatre and art
For decades a world I may be part of

What do you do when life falls apart
Where do you hold on to
I turned
That great first love
A carefree childhood
The most beautiful words she wrote to me
And he bringing a newspaper every day

Layer by layer
To the core
Until there’s a fit
Until what’s personal becomes universal
Often my mind wandered to him
He who died way too young
Who thaught me how to see better
Always challenged me to think better
And that details matter

I learned about the fall
That it’s not forever
That there can be a sudden new fling
Arms when life is at its coldest
Just a sigh of summer
A sign of hope
That tears dry
And courage is found again

‘Still have all my fingers’
Those words I held on to
Words that became images
That I wove together with memories into a story

That sweet summer evening
That I was given the gift to be in her home and city
Of such a like-minded soul
There was that unexpected challenging invitation
A beginning that led to the exhibition of
Now on display, till January the 31st 2023 at the Kapschuur Gallery
Herman van Veen Arts Center

Graphic Poetry / Akkie Bosje
Words / Herman van Veen
Opening hours 11 – 17
Every day, besides Sunday
15 October 2022 until 31 January 2023

Dearest Herman van Veen thank you for the words. And the adventure you took me on long ago, with your enchanting voice and mind. Always different. Always at home.

Thank you Puck Füsers, who’s poem I was allowed to use for one of the artworks. She who articulated the darkest dark I knew so beautifully.

Dear Ingrid Verbraeken thank you for your care, your style, class and lots of laughter. Such a gift working with you. Infinite thanks for seeing me.

Thanks to my dearest son, all the dear friends and family. Everything would have been different without you.

Photo Ingrid Verbraeken