I found a way.

Besides some rare occasions,
of sharing a project or two,
I never ever showed as much work
as the last twenty posts here.

I was asked frequently
why don’t you share your work?
Blowing my own trompet,
feels weird and awkward.

Pondered on the question.

Maybe share the process?
I could show some collecting,
Some scribbling of ideas maybe.
Could make that attractive too.
Might turn out to be an extra job.

Rather spent time
on creating better ideas.

It gets lost when into flow.

Trying this,
Trying that,
A break.
Be aware.
Sitting down again.

Until ideas turn into solutions.
When it happens I don’t notice.
Hard to track the process there.
The solution appears,
coming to live in flow.
In my space,
where ideas grow,
where’s air to think,
the music is upbeat.
A sacred place.

To get into flow,
I need time.

Recently I was introduced to Cole Schafer
Striking writing, style and topics
in his newsletters.
Hooked instantly.
About a month ago there was one
I clicked on through.
A message there that hit me.
He stated this time thing on his
just launched landingpage.
Crisp and clear,
honest and real,
so beautifully written.
In short,
he needs time to write,
without disturbing.

Not disturbing the process is needed.
The process is sacred.
Time is sacred.

Showing some work in
these 24 posts is different.
I like honesty and real.
If I ask my clients to tell on who they are
before we can start,
I have to stick to that too.
And show me.

is for a big part my work.

Still a bit awkward.

On some occasions,
I might be sharing more in the future.
I found a way.