fifteen words

I am poetry lover.
Been that as long as I can remember
Small bits of texts from songs,
that’s how it started.
I guess.
Words put beautifully together
In a different rhythm.
Making you think,
or wonder.
Like these 5 sentences.

Swim in the sea.Go in roadtrips.Count the stars.Find true love.Be free.

A few years ago I had an exhibition
Quite cool, I know.
And uncommon territory.
So I said yes.
These 5 sentences where my starting point.
The artworks became very introverted pieces.
Maybe even a bit dark.
I called it Courage.
Totally reflecting my personal story at that time.

I locked the artworks away.
but hidden.
These 5 sentences,
are always around.

Do you know that feeling when something
you’ve kept for a long time can
be like new again.
Like seeing it again for the first time.

These 5 sentences,
these 15 words,
did that to me today.

The words suddenly had no darkness around them.
No longer an introverted journey.
But words that feel like summer,
a trip to new places.
Words of brave new stories.