/ Hello,

My name is akkie Bosje
Graphic poet
Creative director

Lover of films, of real stories
Dedicated and driven
Priviliged working with value driven emerging, optimistic brands for over 30 years

What gets me up every morning
/ Integrity,
it makes the world a better place
/ Optimism,
the faith that leads to achievement
/ Result driven
/ Sustainability,
for the world as for relationships
/ We are in this together
/ Change is everything

Team member NatuurCollege
Side project

Joop Geesink award /
Best film and television leader
Scholco nomination Grafische
Cultuur Stichting /
Troost, Herman van Veen

 Insightful /
 Understanding /
 perspective /
 Listen /
 Gentle /
 Safe /
 Poetic /
 Empathetic /
 Creativity /
 Integrity /
 Optimistic /
 Design /
 Books /
 Identity /
 Power of
 visualisation /

A society that values attention, kindness, art and education had my heart a long time ago. Taking good care of each other and the world now more important than ever before. Striving for a more kinder and beautiful world. Looks that matter.

Being raised between clean water, a lot of fresh air and wind is a deeply rooted gift. Its fairness and airness waves throughout my thoughtful design and thinking.

The power of images. The power of words. The combination. Making you think, wandering or wonder. A life long love story. Graphic poetry.