stepping into your courage |

A magazine about sustainability. Sustainability is usually thought of as an environmental issue. And it is. But not only. Sustainability is in fact a mindset. Sensing a need for new narratives, new stories, new songs, this co-production likes to offer a more complex vision of sustainability, as seen from multiple perspectives.

In the spring of 2020, all authors completed the online course with The Do Lectures, each wanting to strengthen our voices in this crazy, noisy world – particularly in the context of a global pandemic and doing it online.

Sabina Enéa Téari, one of our authors, took the initiative and put out a message to all participants on the course. Now it is complete as ‘Stepping Into Your Courage’. Being part of that first online Do-community I joined this initiative, bringing it alive through designing this report.

This report is a weavework, where its authors from multiple cultural and professional backgrounds are bringing together their stories. Hoping it may provoke you to think a little more about sustainability, in all its manifestations.