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ideas are everywhere

a matter of time

By ideas are everywhere

And wow, does time fly. This Expedia campaign cleverly visualizes my share amount of travelling these last days, ahum… weeks. I had quite a few very inspiring trips and could do for a holiday and a tan ;-) The stamps in the corner adding an extra bit of content to the airport IATA codes are my kind of witty. Must have been serious fun searching over 9000 three letter codes from all airports around the world.

Campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather, via Plentyofcolour


By ideas are everywhere

Fun! This series of urban and rural landscape pictures with ‘Momo’ hiding somewhere in the frame. Andrew Knapp – an Ontario based graphic designer – came up with this idea when he discovered his dog would hide when fetching sticks, instead of returning them. Follow Momo’s hide and seek on GoFindMomo; ‘the playful adventures of a hiding border collie’ And that typosign ‘frigidaire’ in the first picture is such a beauty.

via Colossal

into the real

By ideas are everywhere

Great concept this ‘Geolocation’ project by Nate Larson and Marni Schindelman. By using GPS data they’ve tracked the location of tweets and added a visual layer. The tweets were subjectivly chosen. Where Nate Larson favored privacy, political events or national news, Marni Schindelman favored the more dramatic and romantic tweets. Their GPS data radius was narrowed down to 15 feet so the perspective and point of view in the pictures was their decision. Cool to see this real-world they’ve created for virtual information. Really like this adding-up kind of visual-storytelling and putting sustainabilty to the fleeting medium of tweets.

via fastcompany

jump in puddles

By ideas are everywhere

Always making me ‘jump in puddles’ kind of happy; the Kinfolk magazine. Love their natural approach towards entertaining: simple, uncomplicated and less conceived. As stated in their manifesto: Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. Kinfolk is the marriage of appreciation for art and design and love for spending time with family and friends.

Pictures by Laura D’Art, Michael Graydon, Young & Hungry.

clever love

By ideas are everywhere

Nice sense of humor on these ‘Thinker Stools’. Selected Wisdom quotes by Robin Howie on the Tom Dixon‘s designed stools for London’s ‘Food for Thought’ café. Part of the New Windows on Willesden Green project. A collabaration between designers and local shops to help revive the area. Like these kind of sustainable initiatives.

via Creative Review

sleeping beauty

By ideas are everywhere

The wintercampaign photography of the danish brand Luckyboysunday is delicately soft with an industrial touch. Perfectly suiting their fun collection and don’t they just have the best companyname?

A sweet dreamy girl from the ‘now and then‘ collection at Papier Mache; The prettiest online childrens magazine. These pics surely lighten up my dark season, since I rather crawl in hibernation.

colour stories

By ideas are everywhere

‘pigeon-boy’ picture by Karin Nussbaumer

‘slowly-moving-in’ picture by IJm

The next September-event is the ‘Woonbeurs‘. Before visiting the show I felt lucky being an attendee at the bloggersmeetup. Later on, it was a surreal surprise to see the booth of IJm. Their work has been somehow mystical to me for quite a while with their intruiging projects, styling and colourschemes. Their sample-pots are like candy and their colours have fun names. Like that!

inside design

By ideas are everywhere

A nice thing about September is that feeling of a new start after a long summer with a whole lot of events to visit. Like the Inside Design 2012 event that was held this weekend in Amsterdam. Three days filled with interior and design, organized by Elle Decoration.

Water Cabinet by Franzien Hazen, compact fun.

KasKast designed by Bureau Marijke van der Park, wishlisted.

The stamp-man Masa was the cutest event of the show. Nice simple real time action.

Egg-cup by Doreen Westphal at the ‘Dutch Design Year’ display.

Besides the really beautiful made wooden tables of Slowwood their styling elements and colours were stunning. All set in an even more stunning surrounding.

The exhibition space by the Rietveld Academy.

And last but not least the towels by Mae Engelgeer, exhibited at frames by Jeroen van Leur. My true highlight of the show besides biking around the suiting location IJburg, Amsterdam.