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stepping out

‘I think I need to find a bigger place
Because when you have more than you think
You need more space’
Eddie Vedder


Re-discovered the magical soundtrack of ‘into the wild’, the time and time again moving story of Chris McCandles. He wanted to live a simple and pure life and was able to keep his dreams, his hopes and his wisdom along his journey. The story is beautifully translated into music by Eddie Vedder.

Images via Imdb

color blocking

Revealed in Chicago at June 5, 2012 the installation ‘colorjam’ by Jessica Stockholder. Composed of 76.000 square feet vinyl covering various surfaces. A hommage to the famous artist Christo and the idea is to make you feel like stepping into an animated film.

via My Modern Met

london calling

Mowing Olympic Rings at Richmond Park for the -about to start- Olympics 2012 in London.

via the Guardian

Hoping that this quote will NOT come true for the athletes. Looking forward to miracles that will happen after all the labour, sweat and sacrifices that have been put in. Let’s get started!

via Lyla and Blue

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