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…a bit longer. Wouldn’t that be great on this swing-tree. What a beauty it is this project ‘chop stick’ by the swedish architecture firm visiondivision, commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to create an innovative concession stand for the 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park.

‘The design is based on the universal notion that you need to sacrifice something in order to make something new. Every product is a compound of different pieces of nature, whether it is a cell phone, a car, a stone floor or a wood board; they have all been harvested in one way or another.’

‘The raw material that was selected is a 100-foot yellow poplar tree, the state tree of Indiana. After the tree was transported to the park site, it became the suspended horizontal beam of the new structure, which is almost entirely made out of the tree itself.’

As an extra they made Yellow Poplar syrup; extracted from the bark of the tree and this is sold in the kiosk. How cool is that; you can actually eat a part of the building.

via Mymodernmet

a matter of time

And wow, does time fly. This Expedia campaign cleverly visualizes my share amount of travelling these last days, ahum… weeks. I had quite a few very inspiring trips and could do for a holiday and a tan ;-) The stamps in the corner adding an extra bit of content to the airport IATA codes are my kind of witty. Must have been serious fun searching over 9000 three letter codes from all airports around the world.

Campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather, via Plentyofcolour


I’m smitten with Tattly ever since their start. The story behind this online store is a simple beauty. Their fun designs and packaging are great. It really shows this company loves what they are doing. So I’m really glad it’s finally fitting in this story over here. Shown design is by Marc Johns. Tattly is founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg aka SwissMiss.


Fun! This series of urban and rural landscape pictures with ‘Momo’ hiding somewhere in the frame. Andrew Knapp – an Ontario based graphic designer – came up with this idea when he discovered his dog would hide when fetching sticks, instead of returning them. Follow Momo’s hide and seek on GoFindMomo; ‘the playful adventures of a hiding border collie’ And that typosign ‘frigidaire’ in the first picture is such a beauty.

via Colossal


Striking, intriguing beauty; this first film production ‘lina’ by Thirza Schaap. Just astounded by her mind’s eye and her soft, quirky touch in both styling and images.

into the real

Great concept this ‘Geolocation’ project by Nate Larson and Marni Schindelman. By using GPS data they’ve tracked the location of tweets and added a visual layer. The tweets were subjectivly chosen. Where Nate Larson favored privacy, political events or national news, Marni Schindelman favored the more dramatic and romantic tweets. Their GPS data radius was narrowed down to 15 feet so the perspective and point of view in the pictures was their decision. Cool to see this real-world they’ve created for virtual information. Really like this adding-up kind of visual-storytelling and putting sustainabilty to the fleeting medium of tweets.

via fastcompany

soft whispers

In this contemplative end-of-year mood these serene, soft pictures of the ‘Full Moon Story’ by Kim Kyoungsoo is the spot-on visualisation. Asked by Vogue Korea he realized a series of portraits that re-actualizes the traditional Korean ‘Hanbok’. Which many Korean people are wearing during the National traditional festivities ‘Chuseok’. With these asthonising pictures with their poetic almost surreal touch to it i’m taking a breath for a few days longer. And then on to 2013, which is almost crawling in like those kittens; young, fresh and playful. Can’t wait.

via the Design Ark


Perfect timing of these go-ginger-go-girls. That modern-vintage, clean touch of Emilie Vercruysse photography is just hitting all the right buttons for me. What a plus to capture a summerglow together with a crisp winter hominess.

Picture by courtesy of Emilie Vercruysse.

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