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inside design

By 16 september 2021No Comments

A nice thing about September is that feeling of a new start after a long summer with a whole lot of events to visit. Like the Inside Design 2012 event that was held this weekend in Amsterdam. Three days filled with interior and design, organized by Elle Decoration.

Water Cabinet by Franzien Hazen, compact fun.

KasKast designed by Bureau Marijke van der Park, wishlisted.

The stamp-man Masa was the cutest event of the show. Nice simple real time action.

Egg-cup by Doreen Westphal at the ‘Dutch Design Year’ display.

Besides the really beautiful made wooden tables of Slowwood their styling elements and colours were stunning. All set in an even more stunning surrounding.

The exhibition space by the Rietveld Academy.

And last but not least the towels by Mae Engelgeer, exhibited at frames by Jeroen van Leur. My true highlight of the show besides biking around the suiting location IJburg, Amsterdam.