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makes me smile


By makes me smile

I’m smitten with Tattly ever since their start. The story behind this online store is a simple beauty. Their fun designs and packaging are great. It really shows this company loves what they are doing. So I’m really glad it’s finally fitting in this story over here. Shown design is by Marc Johns. Tattly is founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg aka SwissMiss.

soft whispers

By makes me smile

In this contemplative end-of-year mood these serene, soft pictures of the ‘Full Moon Story’ by Kim Kyoungsoo is the spot-on visualisation. Asked by Vogue Korea he realized a series of portraits that re-actualizes the traditional Korean ‘Hanbok’. Which many Korean people are wearing during the National traditional festivities ‘Chuseok’. With these asthonising pictures with their poetic almost surreal touch to it i’m taking a breath for a few days longer. And then on to 2013, which is almost crawling in like those kittens; young, fresh and playful. Can’t wait.

via the Design Ark

lighten up

By makes me smile

Just astonishing these gif’s by rrrrrrrrr_gif; a group of gif-makers from Japan. They make and share a new gif every week and are creating a beautiful surreal collection. A hypnotizing pelican light, that’s just what a girl needs in these short, dark ‘end-of-year’ days.

via Thefoxisblack

small blessing

By makes me smile

Just delicate this handkerchief from the ‘unfamiliar handkerchief’ series designed by Frieda Mellema of LAB 71. Her designs are more original creations, no slick design rather objects of art. She truly succeeds in creating the dreamy naive world that inspires and makes you happy. It certainly does that to me. Bless you!


By makes me smile

Every year at the beginning of the autumn the ‘federation for promoting dutch books’ (CPNB) organizes a children’s bookweek. This years theme is ‘Hello, world’ and a special publication is written by Edward van de Vendel and illustrated by Fleur van der Weel. A nice picturebook for the smaller children, made available for a small price. I love Fleur’s work and besides that, she’s a really fun lady in real life! This book is what I call a nice way of starting a new week.

london calling

By makes me smile

Mowing Olympic Rings at Richmond Park for the -about to start- Olympics 2012 in London.

via the Guardian

Hoping that this quote will NOT come true for the athletes. Looking forward to miracles that will happen after all the labour, sweat and sacrifices that have been put in. Let’s get started!

via Lyla and Blue