With good design and the power of images I solve communication questions. Visual communication that matters. After completing the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, I started my career in the theatre and television world at the Dutch youth television, Sesamestreet and theatre legend Herman van Veen. The foundation of my online and offline multimedia knowledge. Thirty years of on- and offline knowledge in combination with my intuition is my strength. Your story clearly translated is my art. From concept to production.

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Based on design thinking, I dive into your question together with you. The solution is not mass production and not just beautiful. Yes, looks matter. But no good looks without goodcontent. I Look, ask, analyze, structure, look further and merge all information into a strong visual language and solution. Design thinking provides a sustainable solution; in form and execution.

Design Thinking is a tool for creativity, innovation and problem solving. It is a solution and people-oriented approach to develop products or generate new ideas. Design thinking tackles the real problem beforehand. The step-by-step plan makes the question sharper, the solution that tackles the problem clearer and at the same time insight is gained into how a suitable solution helps the user. A more future-proof solution is the result.

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